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ATMS+ Ticketing and Patron Management Software is designed to suit your organization and support your specific needs.

  • Enterprise & market driven organizations
  • Not-for-profit entities
  • Public service providers
  • Government-local, state, provincial & federal

ATMS+ Box Office

ATMS+ Box Office is setting the standard for ticketing operations across North America. A fully integrated, intuitive solution, ATMS+ Box Office is the backbone of your ticketing and reservation solution. With ATMS+ Box Office, your staff is able to easily create and manage admissions and events with infinitely customizable pricing, coupons and discounts. Without having to purchase any additional modules, your staff is also able to process and track memberships through the system and offer complete Facility and Equipment Rental to your patrons. ATMS+ Box Office is a single solution that can meet the diverse requirements of your organization from Visitor Services to Education, Memberships and Marketing.

ATMS+ Online Ticketing

ATMS+ Online is a proven solution that increases revenues and creates more sellouts than traditional box office operations alone. Customer satisfaction is greatly improved as tickets are more easily purchased in advance guaranteeing a spot in line to your best selling events. Box Office costs are reduced as your customers take control of the ticket purchase process. ATMS+ Online is the natural evolution of box office solutions and delivers real value from the first day you go live.

ATMS+ Kiosk Self-Serve Ticketing

ATMS+ Kiosk can dramatically reduce waiting times for your customers to gain admission to your facilities. With attendance levels at record levels, self-service kiosks are a pro-active approach to ensuring you are accessible to the greatest number of visitors possible. ATMS+ Kiosk makes line-ups virtually disappear by offering self service access to tickets for your patrons. Your organization provides better service without incurring the expense of additional resources to staff the box office. Most importantly, satisfied customers are proven to be repeat customers and few conveniences offer more satisfaction that ATMS+ Kiosk.

ATMS+ Express Entry Validation System

ATMS+ Express Entry greatly improves customer satisfaction by moving your line-ups even quicker. Members and patrons who have purchased tickets in advance enjoy the convenience of a virtually line-up free ticket validation process that gets them inside your facilities without delay.