Case Study: The Vancouver Lookout

Vancouver Lookout Ticket When the Vancouver Lookout came looking for an easy-to-use ticketing solution they looked no further than Vantix Systems’ ATMS+. The first stop on most visitors’ itineraries when they visit the beautiful city of Vancouver, the Lookout recognized the value of their brand and the power that an eye-catching ticket design could mean for repeat visitors.

Photo of Vancouver Lookout at DuskTickets are one of the simplest souvenirs an organization can offer. Placed in photo albums they are a conversation piece and an ongoing marketing tool for years to come. The Vancouver Lookout knew they needed to offer their customer’s tickets, particularly as all visitors were welcomed back in the evening to view the city at night. What was missing was a ticketing system that was cost effective and could produce the tickets that they wanted.

Enter ATMS+ – a powerful yet simple stand-alone ticketing solution that could meet all of their needs in one cost-effective package. Vantix Systems’ ticketing solution was easy to setup and intuitive to maintain. Running off of a single workstation using the bundled MSDE (Microsoft Data Engine) database, ATMS+ capably handles their ticketing volumes during the busiest of days.


ATMS+ is the industry’s simplest stand-alone ticketing solution for organizations of all sizes and operational complexity. A completely Windows-based system, the look and feel is familiar for all users including part-time and seasonal staff that need to get online and operational without delay.