Case Study: The Denver Zoo

Denver Zoo The Denver Zoo is one of North America’s largest zoos, with over 1.5 million visitors each year. The magnitude of their operations requires a great deal of coordination among a variety of departments, each with their own mandate and aims. Nevertheless, the Denver Zoo was operating using a variety of solutions within each department creating an environment that did not support communications.

ATMS+ was introduced to the Denver Zoo to bring each department online under a single unified system. After a thorough RFP process, the Denver Zoo selected ATMS+ as that solution, with each department abandoning their previous disparate systems. From that point forward all admissions, group bookings, educational programs and facility rentals were to be handled through ATMS+.

The results include enhanced efficiency through the sales process and uniform reporting from each department for better management of their operations. ATMS+ eliminated the need for double entry of data into different systems and tied in to other key systems including The Raiser’s Edge for membership & donation management.

The Denver Zoo has become one of the most wholly integrated zoos in North America. Greater efficiencies have been achieved through all levels of the organization and continue to increase as Vantix Systems works with the Denver Zoo to incorporate new features and functionality to meet their ongoing requirements.


Vantix Systems’ ATMS+ is an organization wide solution, able to replace numerous disparate systems into one simple integrated solution. Ease of use, coupled with powerful reporting tools and integrations with other third-party software place ATMS+ as the primary solution for complete management of our client organizations’ operations.