Zoos & Aquariums

Photo of Elephants at the ZooPremier visitor destinations require a robust admissions solution capable of processing large volumes of guests without delay. Like many of our markets and clients, Zoos and Aquariums play a central role in attracting tourism to their home cities. At the same time, their responsibility remains to the city and the ability to deliver a truly enriching experience for its citizens.

ATMS+ understands the importance of not only admissions to your bottom line, but also the equally important role that school & tour group bookings, facility rentals and memberships play in the financial success of your operations. The majority of our clients in this sector are also non-profit so it was recognized that to deliver true value to our clients, we must be conscientious of budgets and pricing. We have achieved this in all our solutions and are pleased to offer the most features at the most cost effective prices on the market.

ATMS+ allows your organization to:

  • Sell admissions and create advanced bookings for school and tour groups
  • Capture and maintain a detailed database of booking contacts
  • Implement a powerful membership program with patron tracking and robust reporting tools for effective renewal campaigns and program management
  • Create and sell programs and courses to the general public and members
  • Expand your box office to the Internet with ATMS+ Online including ticket sales, bookings and membership features
  • Deploy self-service ticketing to minimize line-ups and enhance the visitor experience

Case Study: The Denver Zoo